Here’s the Latest in Affordable Fall Decor!

It’s finally time to start decorating for fall and I couldn’t be more excited! A few weeks ago I was so sad to see summer come to an end, and now I am just ready for sweater weather, fall time and the holidays.

Bringing out the fall decor is the best feeling in the world and every year I add new pieces to my collection. My biggest priority is finding adorable fall decor that is affordable! I have put together a small list of some of my newest additions that are super cute and were super affordable!

Wood Pallet & Burlap Pumpkin – Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is running an amazing 40% off all season decor sale! Now is the time to take advantage of this sale guys and stock up on your fall decor. This adorable multi-color wood pallet pumpkin is only $8.39.

Brown & Cream Floral Arrangement – Hobby Lobby

With the 40% off sale, this adorable little brown and cream floral arrangement is only $11.99! I love neutrals, so this piece was a must-have. I’m lovin’ all of the fall tones!

White Ceramic Squirrel With Gold Pinecone – Hobby Lobby

I just loved this cute little ceramic squirrel. He was the perfect addition to my entertainment center! With the 40% off sale he is only $7.19!

Gold Gather Decor – Hobby Lobby

This piece is just so pretty! With the 40% off sale, this “Gather” decor is only $5.99!

Grateful Thankful Blessed Fall Wood Decor – Hobby Lobby

I just loved this wooden sign! I’m really into the farmhouse look these days, and this sign looks adorable on my bathroom counter. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this exact piece to link to, but I have linked a similar sign that is just as cute, and it’s only $3.59. What a steal!

Pumpkin with Gold Glitter – Hobby Lobby

They have two different sizes of this super cute pumpkin with gold sequins and I bought both! Best part is that they are only $5.99!

Fall Candle Centerpiece – Home Goods

So I just had to share this piece with you guys. I actually bought this from Home Goods last year, but it is one of my faves! I use it as a centerpiece on my dining table and it is so pretty. It fits one tall candle and makes the room so cozy when it is lit up.

There you have it! I hope this inspires you and helps you find more affordable fall decorations to make your home super cozy this fall season!

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