Affordable and Adorable Band Tees

Band tees are all the rage right now and although I typically prefer to keep to my own style and not be influenced by trends only because they are, well… trending.. I have to say that I am obsessed with band tees.

I am a singer myself, so I have a huge passion for music! Every since I was little I have been singing, and I grew up listening to amazing artists like Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and so many more. These artists have inspired me since I was little, so naturally I am proud to support them!

Here are a few band tee finds that I wanted to share with you. I wish I could share a link to the Fleetwood Mac Tee I own; however, I got this tee at their concert last year. And yes, seeing Stevie Nicks in person was LIFE CHANGING. Even performing at age 71, the woman was a GODDESS!

Van Halen Graphic Tee

From American Eagle, this Van Halen Graphic Tee is only $24.95!

Fleetwood Mac Rumors Tee

From Urban Outfitters, this Fleetwood Mac Rumors tee is only $29!

Queen Band Tee

From Urban Outfitters this adorable Queen Band Tee is just $39!

Queen Graphic Tees

From Amazon, each one of these adorable Queen Graphic Tees are $16!

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