Jamie and Kate’s Favorite Fall Must-Haves

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to take a second and first introduce you to one of my great blogger friends Katelyn Miller! Kate’s blog Everything and Kate is absolutely amazing. She has such a great perspective on fashion and is constantly sharing adorable and affordable styles.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful here in the midwest, sunny and 70’s! I cannot believe it but the summer is winding down and fall is creeping closer every day. It feels like just yesterday that I was praying for sun and warmer weather. The best part about fall though, is that you get the best of both worlds! The weather is usually just right in early fall, and makes for the cutest outfits. Plus, who doesn’t love sweater weather, bonfires and the beautiful fall leaves!?

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping our closets. One of my favorite parts about fall clothes is layering. There are so many different options for adorable outfits when it comes to layering one piece on top of another. It’s so important to have basics for the fall time, and chances are, you already have these in your closet!

Make sure to check out Kate’s blog to read her post and see how she styled her fall favorites!


Flannels are the absolute best basic to have in your closet for fall time. They are so versatile and did I mention comfy!? Flannels can be worn completely buttoned up, or even with a cute lighter top underneath. All flannels are perfect for any fall bonfire or Saturday full of errands and lunch with friends!

Black Tank

My classic black tank is one of my all-time favorite basics. I got this tank from Dottie Couture and I am obsessed. A black tank can come in handy for so many different occasions. They can be dressed up or down, complimenting so many other pieces. One of the most common ways I wear my black tank during the fall time is with my favorite pair of denim jeans, a light cardi and a short chunky heel. 

I typically wear my black tank as a cute layering option for a business casual look during the work week, but the best part is that it is the perfect transitional piece for catching a drink with friends after work as well!

Chic White Blazer

Okay this is one of my all-time favorite business professional pieces! This particular blazer is from Dottie Couture. When it comes to work wear, I firmly believe that all women should own a chic white blazer. There will come a time when you need to take your outfit from business casual to business professional, and a chic white blazer is the perfect way to stay trendy. I adore a simple white blazer as opposed to black because it adds depth to your outfit and makes you stand out!

I hope that this post generates some inspiration for your fall style! These three basic pieces are simple but adorable and come in handy for several outfits. Don’t forget to check out Kate’s blog for more styling ideas!

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